Fibrox PMF Fiberwear G starts out as high purity metal ores that are melted in an electric arc furnace and then sent through a technologically advanced process to become clean, synthetic mineral fibers more than capable of meeting today’s sophisticated applications.

Featuring a slightly off-white color, high fiber content (low shot) and a temperature operating range of XXXXXX, Fibrox PMF Fiberwear G is an excellent alternative to ceramic refractory, glass, aramid and other mineral fibers. In addition, its excellent tensile strength, thermal stability and consistent uniformity makes this product the non-asbestos alternative for a variety of uses.

• Chimney insulation
• High temperature gaskets
• Asphalt reinforcement
• Soil conditioning
• Friction materials
• High temperature vacuform shapes
• Refractory applications
• Plastics

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