Fibrox develops and supplies an engineered mineral fiber that serves as the base ingredient for composite materials. This precisely designed fiber begins as high purity mineral ores that are melted in an electric arc furnace and then sent through a multi-stage, technologically advanced process that results in a product that is high in demand for a variety of composite end uses.

Fibrox 300 MX specialty fiber is a quality reinforcement / filler material with a fiber index of 95%. It boasts thermal stability, consistent uniformity and excellent tensile strength and is the perfect alternative to asbestos. In addition, application of specific surface treatments can be integrated into the process to customize this product for a multitude of end uses.

• Friction materials
• Vacuform shapes
• Plastics
• Paints
• Caulks
• Sealants

For more product details, please download our Fibrox 300 MX Product Information Sheet.

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