What is Fibrox Technology LP mineral fiber?

Fibrox mineral fiber is an inorganic, glassy material spun at high temperatures from molten minerals. Through this patented three-step process—melting, fiberization and collection — Fibrox mineral fiber out-performs and reduces costs compared to traditional insulation, filler and reinforcement materials. By melting high purity slag and mineral ores in a state-of-the-art electric arc furnace, Fibrox produces world-class mineral fiber products that meet and exceed the demands of today’s sophisticated applications.


How can Fibrox products be used?

Fibrox mineral fiber products are used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. The white color, high-fiber content (low shot), and temperature operation range of Fibrox products make them an excellent alternative to ceramic refractory, asbestos, glass, aramid and other synthetic fibers.

Applications for Fibrox mineral fibers include:
• Heat shielding
• High temperature gaskets and seals
•  Thermal insulation
•  Acoustic insulation
•  Gaskets, sealants and coatings
•  Chimney insulation
•  Composite reinforcement applications (friction materials, coating, FRP)
•  Refractory products (high temperature paper)
•  Mat and vacuum formed shapes
•  Horticultural growing media
•  Asphalt reinforcement (SMA)
•  Fire logs for gas fireplaces