Ground Broken on US Mineral Fiber Plant in Millwood, W.Va.

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Fibrox mineral fiber is an inorganic and biosoluble, glassy material spun at high temperatures from molten minerals. Through this patented three step process - melting, fiberization and collection - Fibrox mineral fiber out performs and reduces cost compared to traditional insulation, filler and reinforcement materials.

We invite you to browse this web site and learn more about the Fibrox line of mineral fiber products, and their end uses. Read a a brief profile on the company, and find the the nearest agent or distributor near you. New products announcements and other timely news can be found in the What's New section, and if you would like additional information, please use the handy e-mail form on the Contact Us page.

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From raw minteral to fiber to paper

Fibrox Fiber gives your product and your company a competitive edge. Let the leaders in mineral fiber technology help your company to perform at its best.

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